Seminar in Nonprofit Management

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Prof. Dr. Markus Gmür


Peter Suter, MA


Frühlingssemester 2014


PER 21 G414


Donnerstag 20.02.2014; 14:15 - 16:00

Donnerstag 27.02.2014; 14:15 - 18:00

Donnerstag 10.04.2014; 14:15 - 18:00

Donnerstag 22.05.2014; 09:15 - 18:00






The research seminar is adressed to students that (1) have significant academic or practical experiences in the field of nonprofit management or third sector economy and (2) plan to write their master thesis in one of these fields.
The main objective of the research seminar in nonprofit management is to provide the students with the key methodological competencies in general management research. The focus in 2014 is "Comparative perspectives in the Global Third Sector".  


In the first two lecture-style sessions the participants will get an overview on the state of the art and selected key issues in comparative management research with special regard to nonprofit organizations (voluntary and membership based associations, charities, philanthropic foundations, civil society cooperatives). After the introduction each student chooses his individual topic: an analysis of differences within a specific subsector comparing two or more countries.
The second session will cover selected methodological issues in comparative management research. The third and the fourth session are reserved for a mid-term and a final presentation of the individual study results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Attendance for the first lecture is absolutely mandatory. Students who are not able to attend the first lecture are requested to send a mail to the teacher for registering until Friday of the first week of lectures( Late registrations will not be accepted. 


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James, E., Ed. (1989). The Nonprofit Sector in International Perspective: Studies in Comparative Culture and Policy. New York/Oxford, Oxford University Press.

A detailed list of references will be distributed in the first session.

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