University (Teaching)


The VMI offers master-level courses on NPO Management. Ranging from a systematic introduction in the third sector and the basics of NPO management to performance and crisis management of nonprofit organizations.

This section shows all necessary information on the VMI’s courses within the master programs of the faculty of economics and social sciences of the University of Fribourg/CH.

The curriculum of the VMI includes mainly German- and English-speaking lectures and seminars about management of associations and other nonprofit organizations. The courses are open for bachelor and master students at the faculty of economics and social sciences as well as some adjacent faculties.

Students considering writing a bachelor or master thesis should consult the current list of topics and guidelines for the submission of written papers. Furthermore students can use the VMI reference library covering a broad range of NPO-specific literature, studies and theses.

For literature searches, please have a look at the catalogue of the VMI library.


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